Property management Agents

After purchasing your home in a private residential development, you become a member of the Management Company. The function of the Management Company is to maintain the development to a high standard. Generally, the Property Management Company appoints a Property Management Agent, such as Erin Property Management , to undertake full responsibility for the day to day running of the Company.

  • Preparation of Service Charge and Sinking Fund Budgets
  • Collection of Service Charges (including reminder letter and liaison with solicitors in cases of non-payment to ensure 100% collection)
  • Maintenance of bank accounts, checking approval and payment of creditors invoices
  • Liaison with clients Auditors in relation to Annual Accounts
  • Dealing with Inspector of Taxes and Collector General
  • Advisor on insurance matters and handling claims
  • Attendance at Annual General Meeting
  • Obtaining quotes and appointing qualified contractors to carry out routine repairs and maintenance Arrangement of clearing of common areas
  • Maintenance of grounds
  • Refuse collection by Local Authority
  • Arrangement of maintenance contracts for services including:
    • Lifts
    • Electric Gates
    • Crash Barriers
    • Fire Alarm System
    • Inspection of all common areas on a regular basis to ensure satisfactory maintenance of Common Areas
    • Ensuring block insurance is in place

Service Charges

Living in a multi-unit development, which you will share with other people, requires that you must communally get money together to pay for ongoing maintenance which will need to be carried out. Service charges are an essential part of communal living. Whether as an owner-occupier or as a landlord the value of your property for re-sale or letting, will be enhanced if there is a correct level of service charge in place and properly administered by an organisation like Erin Property Management.